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Major mistake in Creatr 2.1 behavior in corner

I made an observation, that Creatr does very bad job in certain corners: It's difficult to describe by words, I believe my pictures tell it all. As a result, the item come very weak form its corner
(267 KB)
(268 KB)
(262 KB)
(26.8 KB)

Well you are not quite right it is not something specific to the Creatr software. You need to check and see that it applies to other slicers as well.

See the attached picture from Simplify 3D

(465 KB)
Hi! First of all, I didn't say that's specific to Creatr. If some other software fails similarly, it doesn't mean Creatr is OK. Look at the 64,7KB picture I attached (in opening message). Do you agree that the lower image is wrong way to build the items and the upper one is the right way? Secondly, I'm not sure how the object in the picture you sent is really about to be build (i.e will the tower be build on the top of top surface or on the top of the infill (like Created appears to build). Can you please deliver next layer(s) of the build. Meanwhile I'll check how does Cura or Slic3r build it...
Ok, tested with Cura and Slic3r... Slic3r clearly does build the right way: It starts to build the tower on the top of solid material, not on the top of infill (infil = 10% in the Slic3r and Cura pictures). Cura's preview quality is poor, but to me it seems like Cura also builds the right way. And these are freeware (vs. Creatr and Simplify3D)...
Hello,.. I did this perimeter check in Simplify3d. And only the first inner perimeter is place on the infill. The rest of the perimeters are correctly placed on the "solid" top layer. So I do agree that the Creatr software does this the wrong way (I have both Simplify3d and Creatr 2.1). And not only for the reason of resulting in a less stronger part, but also for the risk of leaving possible top_layer gaps exposed (created by a top layer not fully supported by underlying infill on edges). I included a screenshot and for the purpose of making it more clear, I did set a large coast distance. (stops extruding before end of perimeter) I do have to add, that I haven't looked at possible settings that may fix this in Creatr 2.1 yet. So maybe support can have a look at this?
Thanks for your answer! Interesting. In my example (opening message) all the yellow the perimeter lines are clearly built on top of infill (the red, outermost perimeter line _may_ be built on top of solid). You can verify this counting the lines on the top surface and compare layers 33 and 34. I've made this clearer in attached pictures. Also, if you look very carefully at the yellow "tower perimeter" lines of layer 34, you can see the cyan color in between the yellow lines which also indicates that there is infill (and not solid) under these lines.
I have a top view of layers 33 and 34 here, I guess they tell it all: Tower is built over infill. No good...
I already found your first pictures very clear ;-) And as I said, i do agree with you that is not the way it should be done. I just wanted to check if Simplify3D had the same issue, but as described, it doesn't. Tomorrow I will check if I can find a setting in Creatr 2.1 that might be responsible for this.
Oh, I read your first post too quickly (and too late in the evening) and thought that you got slightly better results with Creatr, but it was Simplify3D in question... BTW, there are also a plenty of other flaws and shortages in Creatr 2.1, but they are worth a different post...
I did some testing with different settings in Creatr 2.1. I cannot find any setting that fix this issue. So I also urgently request for a software update! Because when printing functional parts with this slicing strategy will result in very weak parts! For now I suggest using the “StripeSquares” infill instead of “stripes” within the build strategy to at least get better bounding between the infill and perimeter. Can Leapfrog support please react on this issue? (Or someone from Materialise)
Jouko Lehtomäki - Could you post your STL file please?
Sure. Attached.
I was curious if KISSlicer would do it correctly. It appears that it does. I own Simplify 3D also, but usually use KISSlicer.
(86 KB)
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