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PLA temp. on creatr HS

Although not a complete newbie it is my first LeapFrog.

After several attempts to print PLA from past knowledge I finally had to download the profiles from this site.  My question is with the workable range of 185 to 220 for PLA then why is the profile set at 260 degrees better yet why does it work?


I believe you might have downloaded the default print settings for ABS printing.

For PLA printing the extrusion temperature we use is 220 degrees. Going below 200 degrees will result in clogged nozzle blocks and improper printing.

So I would kindly ask you to have another look at the settings you downloaded and also the ABS temperature for extrusion is set at 240 degrees.

I have just checked the print profiles attached to the link below. Please have another look:

Print Settings for the CreatrHS in Simplify3D

Or are you maybe using another slicing software?

Thanks you were partially correct. I downloaded the correct profile but the PLA profile did not export correctly. into simplify. The numbers are now what I would expect.

Here's the real problem, when I run at 220 I get great first few layers then it start to skip printing and follows with plastic balling up on top of model then air printing. At 260 it prints with no problem. The only real sign of over heating the plastic is its gloss. I've tried dropping the temperature 5 degrees and within 5 layers it starts again. this does this with either nozzle and different color PLA. I run the same materials in my Robox at 218 with no problems.  I adjusted the extruder from 60 to 120% with minimal difference. I played with layer height from 100 to 200 again not much different.   Any thoughts? I know that 260 is to high of a temperature. I used the simplify troubleshooting guide trying most of what it had to offer.

In the process of trying all these settings I destroyed the print nozzle and patiently awaiting its replacement.


Are you maybe using a older version of Simplify 3D? This is the only reason why I can think of as to why the settings were not imported correctly.

Please make sure you have the latest update installed the 3.0.2.

I attached a test gcode for PLA printing on the HS for the right hot end. The file also has pictures of the resulted print. Please try printing it and let me know how it turns out.

The only reason why the extrusion of PLA at 220 degrees would not work is if the nozzle block might have some old filament inside. Could you try and manually load the filament inside the hot end ?

Instruction Video: Clogged Nozzle

See if you need to put a lot of pressure on the filament to see some extrusion at 220 degrees.

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I just received this printer 3 weeks ago. The simplify I'm using is the current version, I've upgraded the HS to all current versions. What I think happened with the profiles is I'm very meticulous and I unzipped the profiles in the simplify root.  The profile menu picked them up with there name but an underscore in front of it. I think when I selected it it caused simplify to chose an unknown default. The new version of simplify moved the export menu to the file menu and out of the profile selection as the instructions shows. I never really exported the files into simplify.

Now onto the 260 degree problem. You file was not attached for me to try, I've been doing a lego rectangle as a test. I will try that tonight,with the corrected profile and hopefully your file soon.

Thank you for the assistance


Used the correct profile and a temp of 210 printed much better this time. Increased temp to 215 with even better results. Going to try 220 as you first suggested next time I print. The lower temperature has now presented me with adhesion problems. I do want to thank you so much for your assistance in my problem. Now for the next adventure.    Thanks again.


I apologize the gcode did not go through but I attached it to this message just in case you ever want to try and run it;

Also I am glad to hear you are able to print now using the default settings.

after about 20 spools printing (PLA only) my experience is 

Bed 53C for first layers then down to 50 or 51 degrees

Nozzle start at 220 then down to 215 after bottom layer(s)

Fan start at 30% moving up to 75% or higher depending on filament from layer 3 this helps avoid rounding of corners

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