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Error log file for troubleshooting / printer improvements - what is being done?

This is specifically directed at the Leapfrog Tech Support team but of course everyone is welcome to add the thoughts.

Is there a process developed to gather all the information from users who are frequently: if so what is it?

If not why not since there are so many of us users that all that vast amount of data could be used for???

I know from personal experience that dealing with machine troubleshooting and customer ticket systems (especially also in my case for 2months continuously with Leapfrog Tech Support) that this information would have proved invaluable and decreased the many hours I spent up late test and trialling possible solutions. 

Companies usually have to put a great deal of effort to improve their products and especially when we are having 'issues'.  So it occurs to me that there is 'possibly' a wealth of data not being gathered.

I know from personal experience that the particular CAD software outputs a log file should there be an error needing troubleshooting, it (the log file) can be interrogate to determine (or dismiss) a possible source of any issues.

If none data collection function exists to capture and log printer errors then it would be highly recommended to do some thing that does this.

I would very much like to hear the other points of view that may argue the case against it, i.e. that it is not cost-effective or other such points of contention....? as to get a balanced view.

Look forward to hear some interesting responses.

Kind regards,


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