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My name is Jean-Charles and I'm currently an engineer student from France. 

I'm working for a company which is looking to invest in a 3D printer. The problem is that we need to print a part with a specific design in order to check the possibilities of the printer as we require high precision. 

So I need to find somone who possess a Cretr'14 kind enough to print and send this part to me. :) 

The firm can cover the fees.



hi, Jean-Charles. My name is Karis Letelier and i'm a engineer student too.

Mi research center is looking to invest in a 3Dprinter, but we are not sure wich printer to buy. Do you have any experience with 3d printer?



In fact I am not an expert and the applications I am looking for are really specific. But I did some researches. Depending on your financial investment and performance expectations there are many possibilities. 

You can mail me at for more informations. Leapfrog is providing good printers but let's not debate it here. 

Your requirement of "high precision" is very vague.
Could you be more specific? (Part size, tolerances, etc.)


I am looking for a precision of X-Y axis 10-20µm and Z axis <10µm. 

The Creatr'14 shall fulfill these requirements. 

No. I'm not an expert but I don't know of any FDM style printer that will do that even commercial. (Leapfrog guys, correct me if I'm wrong.)
The high end objet printer we have at work is rated at +/- .001" (25.4 um)
Hope you have deep pockets.


Well in fact there's one recent model that is supposed to handle it, <2k€ moreover. 

Furthermore, the Creatr'14 supposedly have a positioning precision of : XY: 16.9 microns Z: 10 microns

You can check it in the specifications part of that printer's presentation. 1.2k€.

Truth is I doubt these claims so I'm trying to figure out by printing a testing design to measure it. 

Hi guys,

What I do know, is that either the printbed or the rods holding the carriage in the Leapfrog Creatr HS are not perfectly straight. So if you want to do a large print which covers like 75% of the bed length, then you cannot take a first layer of .2mm because at some points the nozzle will be too far from the bed while at other points it will be too close. I think that the deviation is some tens of millimeters.

Also, because the nozzle width is .35mm, the lines you are laying down are bigger than .35mm. So the minimum feature size is always larger than .35mm, independent of the minimum steps of your x and y axes. The z-direction is different because the layer thickness is independent of your nozzle diameter.
You can however buy a smaller nozzle with a diameter of for example .20mm.

I hope I helped you somewhat.

Kind regards,



I saw the specs. Positioning accuracy is the easy part. I'm sure the spec is correct. 

FDM printing is like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. The nozzle has a diameter of 350 um. (More like 400 um after it exits the nozzle) Each layer has to be squeezed against the previous layer and inner and outer layers perfectly.The amount of extrusion has to be controlled perfectly. Then you have slight variations in filament diameter, temperature, material shrinkage, etc. Each roll of filament will act differently, even from the same manufacturer. At work we have a new Stratasys Fortus which cost 10 times what this machine costs. For those machines you buy their filament in sealed cartridges so they have total control of it.

The Creatr 14 is probably a great machine. I'm saying the FDM process inherently doesn't have the level of accuracy you claim to need. My guess is that with very careful setup of the machine and slicing software you "might" be able to get +/- 100 um. 

Ask Leapfrog what to expect for the actual print accuracy.

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