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Creatr HS PLA calibration

Hi I've been using my new HS for a few days now and have done some successful small prints. The printer is really fast btw!! However, I'm having trouble with my first large print (of an architectural floor plan).

In order to stick the first print layer to the heated bed I've been using a very dilute solution of ABS and acetone. The prints stick to the beds beautifully. However my subsequent layers are rising up and creating blobs and granules (see picture). Can anyone suggest how to prevent this? The print is with PLA (Maxx) from my left extruder at 200 micron using the presets that were provided by leapfrog for medium quality. 

In addition, there was too much stringing while the print head was moving between two columns. I've noticed this with other smaller prints too. I believe the retraction settings need to be altered. Anyone with suggestions on the exact settings?

Dear Param,

Please try and raise the infill percentage and lower the printing speed to 6000 mm/sec, for example. Let us know how it went.

You can also use the nozzle fan to 100%. 

Hi Cornel 

I tried both as well as increased the flow rate to 107% There is still a major problem of underextrusion. Please see the pictures of an ongoing dual PLA colour print. Both colours are underextruding.

Thanks for the photos. 

If you are using the nozzle fan you should consider raising the PLA melting temp to about 220 C. It may be also that the nozzles are clogged and they need replacement.

I tried 220C. It helped very slightly. The nozzles definitely aren't clogged because when I manually extrude the material using the jog dials it extrudes fine. Could it be a case of the filament feeder somehow not sufficiently feeding enough material. What I've noticed is the maximum amount of underextrusion happens at the start of the print. As the print progresses, the extruder does start increasing the amount of material being extruded. It's almost like the machine is a slow starter!

You might try checking the extrude driver tension. If the tension isn't correct it can show up as under exuding. This tension is adjusted on the back of the drive unit where the pull stop it. The tension should be so that is makes little groves in the filament. To much and it shreds the filament and to little and it doesn't have enough force to push it though the hot end. Best to check that and then check you have the most up to date setting from the website.


I seem to have hit a sweet point in temperature for PLA of between 195 and 200. I guess it must depend on the filament used. 

Hilary the underextrusion was solved by making the extra restart distance in Simplify3D 0 instead of -0.8. I'm still getting a slight amount of stringing though. I haven't found the correct retraction settings that prevents stringing and doesn't causing underextrusion. 

Also I've had to keep by bed heated to 60C in order to prevent the first layer of prints from rising upwards. I'm still not getting a perfect first layer especially with slightly higher speeds (considering the selling point of the machine is higher speeds)

Does anyone have an exact setting for PLA that just works perfectly on Simplify3D?

 These setting are a good base line. A neg restart in simplify3d functions as a priming function so more filament would come out. If the value was a positive it would retract more. The most up to date setting are loaded to the knowledge base for the Creatr HS support page.

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