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Extruder jams

I have a problem with printing with ABS, and i am out of ideas! Please help! I cannot get my Creatr to print ABS for more than an hour. Every time, at some point in the print, the extruder will jam. I cannot figure out how this happens. Printing with PLA works fine!

The sympoms:

- printing the bottomlayer works fine (i think because it happens at 30% of the speed)

- print sticks well to the bottom plate (at 90 degrees with the print stickers)

- problems occur on higher layers, most of the time during infill and small sections (is already decreased the speed in the slicer to 30 mm/s, it still happens).

- Temperature looks stable (within 1 degree margin) according to repertier.

- when clogging, the driver gear of the feeder motor slips (has no more grip on the filament), or when i make the distance smaller (using the instructions in the manual) it will push the filament out sideways between the gear and the extruder entry.

- The extruder head is clean (is tried a new one, same results), manual extrusion extrudes a nice straight line.

- When the jam is cleared, it blocks again very soon (most of the time i cant even get it to extrude manually for more than 20 cm.)

The configurations i tried:

- I use repertier host 0.95 (the leapfrog version)

- I have a Creatr with two extruders.

- Two different rolls of filament. Both show the same result

- Filament temperatures: below 230 degrees it will always block. (even manual feed with repertier host at 50mm/min) so i tested between 230 and 245 degrees. at 245, airbubbles will appear in the extruded filament so i won't go higher.

- Guiding tube has little to no resistence. At the time of blocking, it isn't stuck or anything

- I have already replaced the nozzle, the heatblock, the heatsensor, the two fans. 

- I have uploaded new firmware as described here

- My printer has a z-axis pully width of 20mm (model from 2012)

- I tested various retraction settings in repertier. none of which really work

Any suggestions?

>The extruder head is clean (is tried a new one, same results),

Did you change the entire hot end, or just the nozzle?

I have had issues at times with a partial blockage of the hot end tube. The hot end has a hard time extruding filament even with the nozzle removed.The fix was to replace the the hot end.

The last time this happened I was able to disassemble the hot end (including the internal Teflon sleeve) with the aid of some heat and clean it out. Haven't tried using it yet however.

Thanks for the remarks, I have replaced the whole hotend, but since it was new, and came assembled, i didn't take it apart. It looks like there was some metal scrapings inside. A good cleaning seems to have worked. Unfortunately i'm faced with another issue casing the printer to stop after half an hour, so i cannot fully test it yet.


Hello Andre,

Please check the temperature of the fillament drive motors.
On My printer they got too much power causing them to heat so much, the drive wheel is making the fillament weak before it goes into the extruder. Then the control of feed is lost. This occurs after 1/2 hour printing.
After reducing the output power on the print my problem is solved.


Hi J.vangorp

I have exactly same problem as yours and your explanation totally make sense, but how exactly can I reduce output power? 

I'm using a Xeed. The storage thing was that I was printing fine for a while, but now after an hours or even less an extuder and a motor gets really hot and filament jams there. Please give me an advice. 

The remedy is to raise the head temperature for PLA to 235 dergrees and cool the narrowing part between the extruder and the steppermotor. Also reduce the power to the steppermotor to the minimal value, so the motor just does not miss steps.

For ABS you will exceed the max temperature of the head, therefore you need to change the firmware safety. I did not do that because I use mostly PLA.

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