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Manual Control in Repetier- XL

Is anyone having issues with the manual control in Repetier V0.90C? I am having two problems:

1. The manual settings default take over no matter what. If I start a print job that has a specific material setting selected for both the extruder and bed temp the manual settings take over. I am not selecting them. If I turn any of the GUI buttons to "off" it turns off the temp signal completely instead of going to a default (I would assume the saved material settings). So there is no point in saving a material profile if I have to go change the manual settings every time I print!

2. The fans setting does nothing. Minor annoyance. It would be nice to turn these little noise makers down when not printing. The slider does nothing. Any idea on how to get this working?



Hi Sean,
The little fans make a lot of noise because the blades are so close to the metal front.
Just unscrew them, take some longer screws, and then mount them again but now with a nut between the fans and the front.  Noise will be drastically lower.

 Or you could print a fan spacer, like Zabana's :

Best regards,


Creatr Tips Forum

The gcode file has commands at the beginning that turn on the required heaters and set temperatures (based on your settings when you sliced the model). Any material defaults are only used in the creation of the gcode file.

 If you change the temperature or turn off a heater after the print has started it will use the new setting. That's how it's supposed to work.  

The fan control is intended for a nozzle cooler, which Creatr does not have (unless you add one). For example :  The electronics board does have provisions for a nozzle cooler and the fan control does work for that (I use one.)

The fans that are on the print head are there to cool the stepper motors and prevent filament from softening above the opening of the extruder which could lead to a filament jam. They are intended to run all the time. Yea they are noisy.

Great tip Marc. I will be doing that ASAP! Do you know of anyone that has changed out the fans to quieter ones? I am assuming 24V?



Thanks for the clarification. The on/off works as it should. I will have to investigate the behavior and origin control of the M190 and M104 values being written into to script. I guess I was playing with the temp setting manually, then started a print, and whatever I had entered in the manual boxes took over. I was expecting the manually inserted vals to be overwritten once the job was executed.

On the nozzle cooling: So that just cools the material being laid down quicker? Or the actual nozzle? Assuming you can't have that on for the first few layers and have things stick, I don't see how that wouldn't cause the tip(s) to cool off too much and clog when it kicks on. I guess the air flow is constant so the feedback loop just sends more power to the tips after it has been blowing for a minute. 


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